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Radiant Barrier Insulation Contractors in Albany, NY

radiant barrier insulation in atticLooking for radiant barrier insulation for your Albany-area home, or want to learn more about your options?

Whatever your insulation needs might be, you can count on the expert contractors at Builders Installed Products Albany to deliver the experience, expertise and professionalism needed to make your property as comfortable, efficient and protected from the elements as possible.

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What Is Radiant Barrier Insulation?

Radiant barriers or radiant barrier insulation refers to the installation of a highly reflective material to reflect radiant heat rather than absorbing it or resisting it the way other forms of insulation might.

This can come in several forms, such as a layer of single-sided or double-sided foil installed in your attic or higher-tech solutions designed to stay dust-free through methods other than gravity.

Where To Use Radiant Barrier Insulation in the Home

Radiant barriers don’t reduce heat conduction themselves, like thermal insulation would, so they’re typically used in combination with such materials in places exposed to heavy sunlight. They also require some amount of air gap and need to be kept dust-free, making installation tricky in some areas.

This is why radiant barriers are primarily installed in the attic and less frequently in exterior walls that face the sun throughout the day.

Benefits of Radiant Barrier Insulation

Radiant barriers serve to prevent sunlight from penetrating the exterior of your home and becoming heat energy inside. It means that on sunny days, your Albany-area home is far less likely to struggle with staying cool and comfortable without running the air conditioner nonstop.

If the summer sun feels oppressive each year, a radiant barrier might be the solution you need.

Signs Your Home Needs More Insulation

Radiant barriers largely serve one specific purpose: Keeping sunlight from becoming heat inside your home on hot, sunny days. This means it should be quickly apparent if you have a problem that radiant barrier could help with:

  • Upper rooms or sun-facing rooms of your home are uncomfortably hot on sunny days
  • Air conditioner can’t keep up or costs too much to operate when it’s sunny out
  • You see signs of excess sunlight entering your home through your attic or exterior walls, i.e., bleaching and sun damage

Why Trust Builders Installed Products Albany?

If you need radiant barrier insulation in your Albany-area home, it’s important to choose the right team to install it. Radiant barriers can be particularly sensitive to being installed wrong, as a bad installation will make the barrier all but useless, lacking enough of an air gap or allowing dust to accumulate on the barrier.

The team at Builders Installed Products Albany brings years of experience, a dedication to customer care and exceptional products and practices to work on every project.

We’ll identify your insulation needs and install the appropriate insulation exactly according to modern best practices, so you can get the best possible results from your investment.

Contact us online or call 518-650-1100 to learn more about our radiant barrier insulation.


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