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Cellulose Insulation in Albany & Surrounding Areas

cellulose insulation installationIf you need an insulation company in Albany or a surrounding area in Upstate New York, Builders Installed Products Albany can help. We work with homeowners and builders/contractors to install cellulose insulation for reinsulation and new construction projects.

The walls, ceilings and floors of your home are filled with odd-shaped cavities and obstacles created by plumbing, air ducts and wiring. For your insulation to work properly, it must fill in entirely around these obstacles. Cellulose insulation is sprayed or blown into your home’s walls, providing a seamless insulation system.

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Cellulose Insulation Installation in the Hudson Valley

Cellulose is made from recycled newsprint and other recycled paper. Consisting of up to 80% recycled content and requiring less energy to produce than other types of insulation, it’s one of the most environmentally friendly insulation materials available.

Blown-in (loose-fill) cellulose insulation is ideal for insulating your attic or walls. It can help:

  • Reduce your utility bills and maximize your home’s energy efficiency
  • Make your home or building more comfortable year-round
  • Reduce noises from outside and from inside your home between different rooms and levels
  • Improve the performance of your air conditioner and furnace
  • Protect against air and moisture infiltration (and help eliminate mold growth)
  • Contribute to a healthier environment

Cellulose Insulation Installation in Albany, NY

We have experience with new and old homes and can install cellulose in different areas of the structure, including:

  • Walls: Keep your home comfortable and the noise between rooms minimal with wall insulation.
  • Attics: As a significant source of energy loss in homes, the attic should be properly insulated.
  • Crawl space: These hard-to-reach areas can develop mold growth and moisture issues if not insulated.
  • Basements: The basement of your home is an important area to keep insulated. There are benefits to insulating the ceiling and the walls of a basement.

Wondering How Much Cellulose Insulation Your Home Needs?

If you’re unsure whether your home has enough insulation, you need to understand recommended R-values for a given climate or part of your home. Cellulose can stack up to a very thick insulation layer, even directly atop existing cellulose if that old cellulose is in good shape. But how much of it do you need? To answer that, let’s talk about what an R-value is.

R-value is a measurement used to describe how well a particular material prevents the flow of heat energy from one side of it to another. It’s the most common measurement for the efficacy of a particular insulating material.

R-value can be assessed in terms of the R-value of a material for its density or in terms of the total R-value achieved by whatever thickness of the material you’re discussing. It can also be used for assemblies or combinations of materials, like a window including its frame and layers of glass or a wall’s exterior and insulation.

The Department of Energy publishes suggested R-values for attics and other parts of your home based on the climate you live in, as we cover on our homeowner resources page. To summarize, the Albany County area falls into climate zone 5, which means you’ll need R-values of 38 to 60 for an attic or 38 to 49 for an attic that already has insulation.

You can find more detailed explanations of suggested R-values on that page, or you can leave it to our insulation experts to determine how much cellulose your home requires.

Curious how much cellulose insulation your Albany area home needs? Contact us online or call 518-650-1100 to let us find the answer for you!

Need an Insulation Company in the Albany, NY Area?

If you’re in the Albany, New York, area, Builders Installed Products Albany can help! We have experience installing cellulose in existing homes and new homes being constructed, and our professionals use quality insulation from leading manufacturers.

As part of the Installed Building Products Family of Companies, Builders Installed Products Albany offers knowledge, experience and resources that few companies can match.

Contact our insulation contractors to learn more about our services, or if you’re ready to start your project — call 518-650-1100 or contact us online.


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